Wednesday, 14 December 2011

8 Tips to Plan For Your Staycation

I know most of you may not need anyone to tell you how to plan for a little getaway, but thought I should still put it up and keep it as my own online reminder list!

1. Plan ahead (Friends and loved ones are not at my beck and call!)
2. Research for the best ideas/ deals (I'll get all of you some great deals yeah.)
3. Clear up all outstanding work or household chores (Don't want to be worrying about them)
4. Get out of the RUT! (Favourite places are not the best places to explore)
5. Forget about packing (Use whatever that's provided by the hotel, pack really light, if need be.)
6. Leave all laptop, notebooks, notepads, iPads, Tabs etc at home! (Very guilty look... )
7. Be like a tourist (Yes, I'll see Singapore in a different light)
8. Take pictures! (What's a holiday without a photo! Facebook! I mean mobile FB...)

Oh, you may not want to pack like this ...

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