Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Start of a New Year, The Start of a New Adventure!

Heya Peeps,

Not only Christmas is coming but 2012 is fast approaching as well.
So what are you thinking of right now?
How are you spending your Christmas?
Or, better still, what's in store for 2012?

Please, don't say, watch 2012, the movie and you'll get the answer.

Well, as far as I am concern, I'm married, newly married, trying to adapt to my new life as a ditzy wife, an avid cook, a marketeer and now a Staycationist!

Okie, fine, there's no such word, I coined the word.

Staycationist - Lover of staycations, weekend getaways, adventures and fun in and out of our city.

So, after much nudging from my hubby, I've decided to blog my way through and be a Professional Staycationist!

I do hope you peeps know what you are up to this new year, I sure know, and I would love that you lend me a hand too by dropping me some great hints and tips.

And now to my first Staycation adventure...

Catch ya later!


Your Staycationist Gal

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